Environmental Policy

Our Goal
One of our priorities here at Singhania Buildcon Pvt. Ltd. is to build buildings that have a minimal environmental footprint. We endeavor to employ the newest technologies that are available in the market so that we may contribute, in whatever possible way, to reverse the process of unstable climate, which is being recorded on the global scale presently. We are already employing a few technologies in some of our buildings, namely:
  • Water Harvesting and Re-usage.
  • Double-glazed, Thermally insulated, tinted glass for Window panes and Piped Gas.
  • Solar Energy generation by the use of Photo-Voltaic cells.
  • Use of Non-toxic biodegradable materials.
  • Use of CFL and light fittings rather than build based fitting.


There are certain unique social, economic and environmental responsibilities that come along with our position as a prominent name in the real estate sector. Well, we would like to call our commitment to society, not a responsibility but a passion.

Everyone is entitled to a quality life. It is this faith that is imbibed in our values and culture. We don’t look out for specific occasions to transform this value into reality; instead, we have made it a routine. Be it regular distribution of necessities to the underprivileged or enhancing learning modules for the differently-abled, bettering lives through regular common and uncommon initiatives has been our way of life. We live by the credo that if children have a dream, it ought to be fulfilled.


The group believes that mental and physical wellbeing has its significance and should not be given a miss. We have conditioned ourselves to conduct frequent free health checkups for construction laborers as well as our staff employed across project sites. Besides them, even the residents of our projects avail this facility. Collaboration with renowned hospitals helps us have certified medical practitioners come to these camps, screen and prescribe necessary medication


We do our bit to conserve water and thereby protect the flora. We have effectively implemented sewage treatment plants across our project sites. wastewater and sewage are supplied to a state-of-the-art plant, treated there and then reused, either to water plants or pumped to flushing tanks. Mastery of the waste-management system through ZERO Garbage system is another challenge we accepted.